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On the 30 of October 2010, Positive Ray launched its second satellite program with a sugar cane  farming community. Emmanuel Evangelical Church, situated in Sezela on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, celebrated their 90th  birthday on that day and launched Positive Ray Emmanuel. The outreach is managed by Treio Pillay.

Over the years Emmanuel Church has been ministering mainly to Indians and Africans  who work for the  Sugar Mill. The HIV pandemic has taken its toll on the poor and marginalised and many of the sugar cane farm workers and their families have been infected or affected by the pandemic. Emmanuel Church, moved by the plight of the disease and the negative impact it is having on surrounding communities, embraced the challenge to help its neighbours in the nearby Malengeni Community.

fun during lessons

Every Sunday church members come and present a worship service, play with the children, and everyone there receives a hot lunch.  Sometimes clothes were donated which can now be passed on. The community enjoys their visits very much. People from other areas have asked if they could also have a Sunday Service.

Rebecca, a church member and key person in the Malengeni community, runs a creche from home, looking after 50 children day by day. Two ladies from the community help her. This allows Rebecca to visit the community during the lunch break, whilst the children are sleeping.  Rebecca goes door to door and teaches about HIV and AIDS. She encourages individuals to undergo testing, and she cares for the sick. Rebecca in turn is cared for by her church community. The creche was recently painted and they provide food which is always a need. Other individuals also assist the creche from time to time.

newly painted creche

Rebecca uses her own initiative very much. Recently the Department of Health brought a mobile clinic for Voluntary Counseling and Testing. Furthermore they chose Rebecca to participate in a 3 day workshop to learn about PMTCT (prevention of mother to child transmission).

Rebecca and the children



Newsletter April – June 2012

Education and Awareness:

It is encouraging to note that contact was made with 155 people through the Education and Awareness program. What an opportunity to present Jesus Christ to these people. Well done Rebecca.

Home Base Care:

53 people were visited regularly. 7 are bedridden and the others are mostly helped with correct administering of ARV’s.

Voluntary Counselling and Testing:

The request for a mobile clinic was done via the counsellor of Malangeni and, 78 people were tested. This is very encouraging.


23 people started believing in the Lord. Rebecca is following up on all those who received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

We were also privileged to host students from Durban Bible College from 3 to 10 June who came and did the ministry. They did practical work in Malengeni. They prayed, counselled and led many people to the Lord. The students
saw for the first time the high levels of poverty, sickness and disease. They were challenged in their personal lives and motivated in presenting the gospel to many. Bibles were given to the people who accepted the Lord.Those who are not critically ill have started attending our Sunday services.

outreach with DBC students

outreach with DBC students


ID/Birth Certificates: Many of the people don’t have proper ID documents and cannot apply for state pension/grants. Rebecca went out of her way to assist nine people with getting their correct documents.

Feeding Schemes: Shoprite provides bread and soup during the month to feed about 40 children & a once of feeding was done by members of AFM church from Durban. Clothing was given to many children.

Gardening: Rebecca has started a garden with produce of carrots, cabbages and onions for use in the crèche. Seedlings were donated by Positive Ray.


  • The Lord is worthy of praise for the way He is working in Malangeni. My prayer is that He will continue to use Rebecca to reach the lost. Pray for an assistant for Rebecca.
  • The Lord to encourage members from our church to get more involved and for the Lord to rise up someone to do weekly visits with Rebecca.


Newsletter July – September 2012 

Education and Awareness:

Positive Ray Malangeni in partnership with the local clinic reaches approx 200 people every quarter. Through this effort the stigma around HIV and AIDS is decreasing.

Home Based Care:

The Home Base Care program cares for 53 people. 8 are bedridden needing constant care.

Voluntary Testing & Counselling:

When the mobile clinic visits the area, people are motivated to go and get tested. 95 people were tested this quarter.


Every opportunity is used to sing and pray with people. When the mobile clinic visits the area to provide health services, we start with a time of praise and worship. Some people are now attending the outreach program on Sundays. A total of 43 people decided for Christ.


ID/Birth Certificates: 25 people were assisted with application for ID documents, pension and grants.

Feeding Scheme: In most communities in which we work, unemployment and poverty is very high. People are hungry and look forward to a hot and satisfying meal. Just as Jesus fed the hungry before ministry we do likewise. People are very appreciative and respond well to our programs. Thank you to all those who provide meals.

Thank you to Shoprite for bread and soup for our community crèche made up of 40 children. Rebecca, our community worker interacts with children and adults through the crèche ministry on HIV and AIDS.

Gardening Project: With recent rains, our garden project is starting to take shape.

Our Sewing project is making good progress.


  • Pray for Rebecca and the good work she is doing.
  • Pray for our partnership with the local clinic and churches.
  • Thank God for Emmanuel and their vision to reach out to the poor.
  • Pray for more people from the local church to get involved.


Newsletter October – December 2012

Working under difficult circumstances, PR Emmanuel continues to provide a valuable service to the community of Malengeni. Recent heavy rains made it difficult for the volunteers to do home visits and care for the sick. Rebecca, our key volunteer took ill and had to be hospitalised. Pray for Rebecca.

Education and Awareness, Home Base Care and testing continues in partnership with the Department of Health through its mobile services. Unfortunately, due to bad weather not much was accomplished during this period.

Our closing for2012, to celebrate God’s goodness was a time of fun and fellowship. The AFM Church and friends from Missiobeat were our guests. They entertained and encouraged us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we reach out to the people.

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